great encouragement for kids

It takes a lot for me to endorse someone on my blog. I will give you all, from time to time, the opportunity to check out an author or a book if you like the genre. But I’m careful about the trust you give me and don’t ever want to violate it by getting behind something less than impressive.
So today, I have to tell you about the blog and work of someone in my writer’s group, Sandra McLeod Humphrey. Sandra writes stories. They’re true stories. And I love them. She’s doing several things I think are great.
  • She’s telling good stories, while most prefer to feed us the horrific or shocking.
  • She’s encouraging kids to realize they can be better, effective humans, at any age.
  • She’s reminding us that the attitude-ensconced, entitled teen is not the only game in town. I don’t think it’s even the most common one.

And it just makes me happy to read.

Today, she’s launching her book They Stood Alone!: 25 Men and Women Who Made a Difference. As an incentive to get the launch rolling, if anyone buys a copy from Amazon today, September 25th, she will receive more than 20 Great Bonus Gifts. Her launch site is: 

If you enjoy good news, or if you know teens who should be encouraged, check out Sandra. I think you’ll like it, too.