God’s Not-So-Hidden Purpose for Families

Today, I’m going to direct you over to my article in July’s issue of Light and Life, our denominational magazine. I had the opportunity to write a series of articles on discipleship as it pertains to the family. 

The family is our first and most important place to begin making disciples. But have we always thought of that the way we should?

Is there something we’ve been missing when we think of discipling our children?

I had fun with the articles, and I hope you enjoy them. There are three more to follow coming up!

This one asks the question: 

What if our first calling is to take our children into the world and see them as blessings for God’s kingdom?

I think it’s an interesting question, and one I’d love to hear your ideas on!

While there, go ahead and read some of the other great stuff happening on these pages.

To find out more about our trip to China referenced in the beginning of the article, take a look at Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids: Short Term Missions for Your Whole Family, on Amazon.

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