What Tabs Do You Have Open?

It’s #FridayFive link up time! This is a new fun time for me in this space. It’s a chance to talk randomly about five things (I like random) and get to know one another better. It doesn’t have to be profound or amazing or brave or anything. Just us. I like that, too. 

This week, the bloggers chose to write on “Five open tabs.” I could go with five tabs that are often open, or five tabs I’d like you to think were often open, but I believe I’ll just go with the literal meaning here–five tabs that are currently open on my laptop. It’s a little microcosm of who I am (I cant believe I used that word in a sentence this early.)

You have to promise to be equally honest, right? I want to know who you are, too.

#1–http://www.sporcle.com/games/g/world. I like trivia. I like geography. So to unwind at night, I go to sporcle to answer questions ranging from “What are the 197 countries of the world” (I know the answers now!) to “”Can you fill in the words to this Disney song?” It’s my version of candy crush. Plus, I can answer pretty much all the Lord of the Rings and Jane Austen trivia. It offers affirmation after a long day.

#2–Do Millennial Christians Have the Strongest Faith of Any Generation? I love reading Relevant, and I love reading about my current research/book topic, Millennials and faith. So this article is a great mix of both. Basically, I’m always going to have a research window open. Because this is work, and because I’m kind of a research nerd. “Input” is one of my strengths according to the StrengthsFinders test. It means I like to learn stuff. Like, when I have a topic to study, I want to know everything I can find about that topic. It gets a little overwhelming. I need to have an emergency brake.

Not the dress. Just for fun.

#3–Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort. Because wedding. Next spring. And making accommodation reservations. Now. Because wedding on Memorial Day weekend when everyone wants to be at Starved Rock State Park, apparently. So, reservations. Today. Many tabs will be open this year because wedding. 🙂 

#4–For the Love of Dixie. Because that’s where my guest blogging post was yesterday. I still have to do more social media work on it, so it is still open. I can’t even read it again. It makes me cry. What would you say to your mom in a letter if you could? 

Also, while I’m at it, the other site I guest posted on yesterday is also open, for the same reasons. Chronically Whole. Not as teary. I decided to go more for my sarcasm font. But the subject is quite real–why do we chase the illusion of a perfect body? So, #4 looks like I keep tabs open just to talk about me a lot. Sometimes I do. Writers have to. I hate that part.

#5–Facebook. Obviously. This needs no explanation.

What tabs do you have open? What are you concentrating on in this season of your life? I would love to know! Comment below. And, you can see the other linkups here to find out what interesting things other people have dug up.

2 thoughts on “What Tabs Do You Have Open?

  1. Jill, I absolutely love to read your posts! Your voice is so conversational, true, and it makes me smile every time. I am clicking through to your guest posts to get more Jill! Thanks for linking up! #FridayFive


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