Being Brave

Resilience and tenacity are often forged in the fires of failure. God never gives up on transforming us into our braver, better, bolder selves.

What’s your goal for the new year? Not that long ago, mine was being brave. I think I’ve crossed that one off my list, but there are always new fears, so it’s good to keep it in my back pocket, so to speak. But that journey has been a very long, very good one.

My youngest shared recently that her word for 2017 was fearless. She said it helped her do many thing she would not have otherwise had the courage to do. She worried, wavered, then remembered her word and went for it. And it has ended very well.

Bravery, with God beside us, generally does.

Being bold sometimes requires giving up our need to be right and choosing instead to be kind

I’ve had the joy of reading and being on the launch team for a devotional written by a dear friend and released in December. I want you to know how good her work is, and how helpful it could be to you if “Brave” is something yo’ve longed to be.

Being Brave: A 40-Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You

Now, you need to know, I am not generally a fan of devotionals, and women’s devotionals in particular. They always leave me wanting more “meat” and less air. My friend Kelly Johnson’s work is not of this sort. She explores many facets of brave living outlined in Scripture—even ideas we would not normally think of as brave. Her ability to tie them together and help women step farther into the life God has for them comes through strong life application and honest examples of bravery, failure, and persistence.

Choosing hope over desapir is hard adn holy work. Today, we choose hope. (1)

Being brave is being bold, resilient, authentic, vulnerable, engaged, and empowered, according to Johnson. If that’s of interest to you, check out Kelly’s book. This is a book to read yourself or gift to a woman who needs a kick start for the new year. It’s size makes it very doable as a new year’s goal—a goal well worth aiming at and working for.


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