Kingdom Work


A recent poll discovered that 21 percent of millennials say they’ve changed jobs within the past year—over three times the number of older people. Only 29 percent are engaged at work—again, less than any other generation. They’re largely “checked out,” indifferent, and unexcited.

It’s not all their fault. Much of the blame lies with the economic reality of working 2-3 jobs; knowing jobs will change, so personal brand is more important; and workplace failure to engage.

The truth remains: more see their job as a stop-gap tool for making money, not as a vocation. They certainly don’t view a job as kingdom work.

Appropriate for the week after Labor Day, no?

What kind of lenses do we need to view work as a vocation–that older word that seems far more appropriate now. It means a calling, a purposeful, intentional work. What kind of young adults do find this kind of excitement about their work?

Read this piece over at The Glorious Table to find the end of the story.


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